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There is a reason that Winsted Dental has a 4.9 star rating with 116 reviews. It’s because they are the absolute best….by far the best place I have ever had work done on my teeth. Very friendly, very professional and very detail oriented. Go there and you also will feel obligated to leave a review because of the great work they do!

Ryan H.

Dr. Seltman was amazing!! So knowledgeable and he went out of his way to ensure my comfort. I would give him 6 stars if I could.

Teresa S.

I really like how they were taking care of my teeth and doing an amazing job. I really appreciate the hygienist and dentist and their efforts. I always feel welcome there and I do not worry about anything because I know they will take care of what my teeth need.

Yelena P.

This one's a repeat. You can use this instead: The staff at Winsted Dental truly care for your health and wellbeing. Located in a small town where they take the time to get to know you and they work so well as a team to make your experiences comfortable.

Melissa B.

Great group of people. Willing to explain everything and answer any and all questions. The chair side manner is excellent and I always leave happier with my smile! Thank you all for the tremendous job you do for all your patients!

Jak J.

I love going here. They are so nice & accommodating. My kids are huge fans of Doctor Seltman and Toews. I would recommend this office for all kinds of dental care. We go here for all our dental needs and you should too.

Mollie P.

Caring staff that is very attentive to their work and focused on making the patient experience a comfortable one. They also do a great job being up front with cost and necessary dental work.

Amanda H.

The staff at Winsted Dental are amazing and professional. The best part is if you need a crown they are made the same day in house. This is a wonderful service so there is no need to have another appointment.

Joy D.

Fantastic I love watching everyone work, this is a very efficient operation should be a model for all businesses. Service is outstanding. I am always treated well and my teeth are kept in the best of health. I am very confident in my treatment, first rate and cutting edge.

Barry N.

I wholeheartedly recommend Winsted Dental. They will only do work that needs to be done, taking care to not do restorations that are expensive and have their own life times until you really need them. They are very careful to ensure that everything feels good before you leave the chair. I can’t say enough good things about them. My only concern is that they may become so successful that I have a hard time getting an appointment when I need it!


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